Vol. 5 No. 1 (2021): International Journal of Current Humanities and Social Science Researches (IJCHSSR)

Ooctacamund - Queen of Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu

Associate Professor

Published 2021-03-31


  • Hill stations,
  • Tourism,
  • Mountain,
  • Ooty,
  • Recreational



India is possibly the most diverse nation in the world.   Geographical features of our country and its boundaries, extending from the Great Himalayas in the north, and in the south to the tropical peninsular.  A few countries possess with variety of custom, cultures, languages, ethnic groups, beliefs and lifestyles. Tamilnadu hill stations have made an ideal destination for visitors to spend their vacations because for its refreshing climate, lush greenery, surging slopes and energizing atmosphere.  Mountains seem to be predestined for tourism for their excellent land architecture, climate, recreational ambience, flora and fauna and for the activities of man. Tourism in the mountains is encouraged for economic reasons as it promises cash flow into Remote Mountain regions that have little economic opportunities, creates local employment, holds back the process of depopulation in the marginal areas and finally corrects the regional imbalance. Enchanting Tamilnadu has numerous tourist destinations.  It is possibly the only state in India that has multiple attractions from beaches to pilgrim spots, hill stations to architectural and historic sites.  The geographical extent and even the topography of the Tamil country had undergone changes down through the ages.   the main objective of this article is to find the unique feature of OOCTACAMUND - QUEEN OF HILL STATIONS IN TAMIL NADU as a tourist spot. Both analytical and descriptive methodology is adopted with the help of Primary and Secondary sources.